Fields of expertise

Cor­po­rate Tax Advi­sory

Rootz Tax Lawyers advises (multi)national enterprises on tax law in the Dutch Caribbean. All islands have their own tax legislation.

We assist our clients in recognizing the differences, so they can comply with tax obligations on the various islands and where possible utilize the benefits some tax regimes offer. We provide advice on the following areas, among others:

Going into business across borders? We can provide you with advice on the tax aspects of conducting business on Aruba, Curaçao, St. Maarten or in the Caribbean Netherlands.

International tax law

The minute you start doing business across borders, it is vital to have a clear understanding of your tax structure. Do you incorporate a local private limited company for your Caribbean activities, or is it better to practice from a permanent establishment of the foreign headquarters? In cross-border business you are confronted with taxation in more than one jurisdiction. To prevent double taxation, you are well advised to have timely consultations on the tax implications of your international activities. Rootz Tax Lawyers happily offers you the assistance you need in this matter. With the aid of our extensive international network of tax and legal specialists we can jointly provide you with advice. On that basis you can be sure that you are compliant with legislation and regulations in all countries in question.

Merger or acquisition in the Caribbean? Rootz Tax Lawyers has years of experience in guiding national and international merger and acquisition transactions.

Mergers and acquisitions

Tax aspects play a vital role in mergers and acquisitions. Adequate guidance is essential for a timely identification of risks and the maximum use of opportunities for tax purposes. Our independent status enables us to co-operate with various lawyers, corporate finance advisers and other specialists in the field of mergers and acquisitions. This gives us the capability to assist you with a proposed transaction in an expert and swift manner.

Intra-group transactions? A permanent establishment in the Dutch Caribbean? Rootz Tax Lawyers will assist in compliance with transfer pricing and documentation obligations.

Transfer pricing and documentation obligations
Transfer prices between group companies and/or between headquarters and permanent establishment are significant for national and international business. A correct documentation of the transfer pricing method used, is not only required by law, but can also be of added benefit in occurring cases.

We can assist you with the development and implementation of a comprehensive transfer pricing model for your Caribbean activities. Rootz Tax Lawyers is connected to a variety of international networks and collaborates with transfer pricing specialists world-wide. This enables us to guide you in your transfer pricing issues and in the preparation of the required documentation (a.o. master file, local file and Country by Country reporting). This gives you the comfort of knowing that your enterprise is compliant with local laws and regulations at any time.

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